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Monday, August 29, 2005

Ski Runs at Chatter Creek Cat Skiing

This index lists the ski runs, major ski areas and land features at Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing, located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains near Golden BC.

The ski runs and ski areas appear alphabetically, grouped by major cat skiing zone. Use the links below to view ski photos and information about a selected ski run or area. Scroll down to find an alphabetic listing of all ski runs. Click any ski photo to enlarge it. Optionally, click here to load the entire file, which is quite large.

This is part of the Chatter News family of ski weblogs about Chatter Creek. The links at the top of the page connect to the Chatter News and some if it's related ski weblogs. This is work in progress.

Land tenure in BC. - Chatter Creek's access to land, a layman's explanation.

Index of Ski Runs at Chatter Creek

Maps Locating Chatter Creek,    Cat Road Network,    3D Satellite Images

East Ridge
Enchanted Forest,    the Nose,    Sweet & Sour, the Fat and the Skinny,    Spruce Slide,    Super Spruce and Super Bowl,    Tree Skiing (miscellaneous runs)

Lodge Ridge
Crystal Light, Far Out, Pillow Talk & Waterfall,    Dewar's Bowl,    Home Run,    Mommy's Run

South Side
Anticipation Peak,    Harbourview,    Lakeview,    MCO ,    RUZM Gully and Rugi,    South Park,    SX2,    SX3

Stovepipe Mountain and North Side
Alpine Terrain at Chatter Creek Cat Skiing Bouncing Chuckles,    Jo-Pal and Jo-Pal to East Creek,    Megahooped & Megahooped Trees,    Mullet Bowl,    Spruce Pass and the Golf Course,    Terrain North of Vertebrae Glacier,    Vertebrae Glacier,    Windlip,    Wonderland

West Side and the new Lakeside Addition
Clamshell,    Fruit Loops and Forbidden Fruit,    Game Creek,    Oyster Bowl,    Staff Trees & Bermuda Triangle,    Waterfall

Index of Names related to Chatter Creek: - A to D, E to K, L to R, S to Z (with links to ski photos, people and related information)

Scroll down for an alphbetical listing of all ski run names with links to photos and descriptions.
.Slopes above the lake at Lakeview. Viewed from South Park

Alphabetical Listing of Ski Run Names

Powder Skiing at Chatter Creek Cat Skiing Anticipation Peak - MCO
Bad Boys - East Ridge
Bermuda Triangle - West Side
Bouncing Chuckles - Megahooped
Bowling Alley (SX3) - South Side
Brier - East Ridge
Clamshell - South Side
Crystal Lite - Lodge Ridge
Cut blocks - Lodge Ridge, East Ridge
Dewer's Bowl - Lodge Ridge
East Ridge
Elbow Drive - MCO
EMOP - East Ridge
Enchanted Forest - East Ridge
Far Out - Lodge Ridge
Fat (the) - East Ridge
Forbidden Fruit - Clamshell
Fruit Loops - Clamshell
Game Creek - South Side/Lakeside Addition
Gong Show - MCO
Golf Course - Spruce Pass
Harbourview - South Side
Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump - SX3 - South Side
Home Run - Lodge Ridge
Hidden Valley - East Ridge
Jo-Pal - Stovepipe Mnt
Jo-Pal to East Creek (Super Jo-Pal)- Stovepipe Mnt/East Ridge

Lakeview - South Side

Lodge Ridge

MCO - South Side
MCO Pass - South Side
Riding the Powder at Chatter Creek
Megahooped - Stovepipe Mnt
Megahooped Trees - Megahooped
MJ Gully - East Ridge
Mommy's Run - Lodge Ridge
Mullet Bowl - Stovepipe Mnt/East Ridge
Nose (the) - East Ridge
Oh My Gord (SX3) - South Side
Oyster Bowl - South Side/Lakeside Addition
Pearl (the) - South Side
Pillow Talk - Lodge Ridge
Percy's Knob - East Ridge
Plank (the) - Clamshell
Primo - East Ridge
Roller Coaster - East Ridge
Rugi - MCO
RUZM Gully - MCO
Salsa - East Ridge
Satellite 3D Images
Skinny (the) - East Ridge
Smoking Herb - SX3 - South Side
South Park - South Side
Spruce Pass - Stovepipe Mnt
Spruce Slide - East Ridge
Staff Trees - West Side
Stovepipe Mountain
Sunnyvale - South Side (SX3)
Super Bowl - East Ridge
Super Jo-Pal (Jo-Pal to East Creek)- Stovepipe Mnt/East Ridge
Super Spruce - East Ridge Powder Skiing on Jo-Pal Sweet & Sour - East Ridge
SX2 - South Side
SX3 - South Side
Table (upper / lower) - West Side / Clamshell
Tin Horn - East Ridge
Vertebrae Glacier - Stovepipe Mnt
Waterfall - Clamshell
Waterfall - Lodge Ridge
Windlip - Stovepipe Mnt
Wonderland - Megahooped

This Ski Weblog is a part of the Chatter News photo journal about snowcat skiing at Chatter Creek

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